July 28th, 2002

[Eddie]: Since the structure of the page changed last time, some links were broken. I have updated the pages accordingly.
I also took the opportunity to apply a new css template I made. I used the picture of the flower from the css zen garden, but I will try to find a new one soon.

April 17th, 2002

[Eddie]: I added a nice picture of Tuan and his "profile" in the about section, as well as a quick introduction in the front page.

April 14th, 2002

[Eddie]: I replaced the pictures of the foxes and the wolves, as Tuan could get hold of the original files (and not scans of prints !)
I also grouped the "usual suspects" section together with the "metro ticket" section, making the menu a little lighter

April 2nd, 2002

[Eddie]: Added some more pictures in the metro tickets section and a new section for Foxes and Wolves.
The pictures for foxes and wolves are scans of prints on a printer with regular paper, which explains somehow for the granularity of the picture.
Tuan is going to try to find the original files

April 1st, 2002

[Eddie]: As all the people (including myself) I showed Tuan's origami pictures were just voiceless, I figured I could just put them up on the web to share those wonderful pieces of art.
With Tuan's authorization, I made this site and I sincerely hope it will grow in popularity as I think Tuan really deserves it.

This will also save me a lot of time and bandwidth since I won't have to send the pictures by mail anymore ;-)

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